Exhibits- Roman Period


Statuette of Heracles

Statuette of Heracles

Hercules in repose, with his left hand resting on the trunk of a tree, which is covered by a lion.

Roman copy of a 4th century b.C. work

Ancient Agora Museum, catalogue number S 1241.

Head of Demosthenes

Head of Demosthenes

A portrait of the rhetorician Demosthenes. This is the Roman copy of the Hellenic original, from possibly 280 b.C. The famous Athenian rhetorician Dimosthenes lived a life full of adversity. He suffered from ill-health, which he overcame by force of will. He was exiled and persecuted by his opponents, the Macedonians, whom he attacked in his speeches, and finally committed suicide when he found himself on the losing side. The sculptor wanted to convey the tortured psychology of this dynamic man, and used the lines on his face to reproduce the intensity of his thinking.

Roman copy of a 3rd century b.C. work

National Archaeological Museum , catalogue number 327.

Tragic Mask

Tragic Mask

Tragic female mask found in ancient forum of Athens.

It dates from around 1st half of the 3rd century a.D.

Ancient Agora Museum, catalogue number 1818.

Stele with a list of ephebes

Horonary Stele with a list of ephebes

Honorary tablet. At the top there is a relief in which are the names of the Lord Philistidis from Piraeus and the citizen Heraklidis from the town of Meliti. On the main body of the tablet there is reference to the trainers, the competitors and the young winners. At the bottom of the tablet there is a representation of a ship with oarsmen, two standing up and three at their oars, which possibly makes reference to a competition known as a naval battle.

National Archaeological Museum, catalogue number 1466