Handicapped individuals

Mobility problems

Stair elevator The Museum is accessible to people with mobility problems, via the ramp, next to the main entrance of the building Access to the second floor by use of stair elevator, donated by the Bank of Greece.

Visually impaired individuals

Tactual Museum is the best place for visually impaired individuals, to come in touch with ancient greek culture.

Information Material

Descriptive signs written in Braille To help visitors obtain the information they require regarding the exhibits, an automatic tour guide has been created in both Greek and English. There are also descriptive signs written in Braille and enlarged letters for partially sighted individuals.
With the Greek Parliament subsidy, foreign languages lists of exhibits will be printed in Braille

Olympic Games Education

Relief maps of Athens with the Olympic facilities made by the artist Maria Vergopoulou Besides the Olympic Games Exhibition there exist information material printed in Braille regarding the Olympic games and the Paraolympics, as well as relief maps of Athens with the Olympic Facilities pointed out, made by the artist Maria Veropoulou


Web Site Accessibility

International Standards

Tactual Museam Web Site has been designed according to the recommendations and standards for XHTML 1.0, CSS-2, developped by the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C]

Screen Readers

For people using Screan Readers (Hal, Jaws etc), there exists an alternative set of Tactual Museum webpages, with exactly the same content, that have been designed and developped according the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines [WCAG-AAA] produced by the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C]